2010 was my 1st year racing in the Toyota mr2 championship, along with my 1st year racing cars.

In previous years I have been racing within the Formula TKM karting category, my best year for racing was by far the 2006 season where i finished 3rd in the Whilton mill championships and 3rd in the Kimbolton championships, along with this I finished in 3rd place at the Ace and Kings of clubs, a race where all the best drivers around the country compete for there club.

After 2006 I had to make the change up to TKM Extreme after a bumpy start to the competition and an even bumpier campaign in 2007, I entered 2008 with a new chassis and a new engine, this immediately put me right up the front throughout 2008.

2009 sore me make an attempt at the national super one championship, after a respectable start to the championship, I realised that I didn’t have the funding to spend £1500+ for one race weekend to keep up with the front runners at every race, so I began looking for an alternative and that’s when I came across the MR2 Championship, it had always been a dream to race cars but I always thought of it being too expensive to even think about it, but with the MR2 championship the costs I calculated was something I could afford!